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SH Acoustics - Home Wellness / Healthy Home

Every space in a home has acoustics, and every homeowner has acoustic issues that can go beyond good sound from an AV system. Regular exposure to excessive noise and poor acoustics are proven to cause health issues, according to the World Health Organization. For the past two decades, SH Acoustics has led the way in sound quality, acoustic privacy, and noise control for private homeowners. Our unique process allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of what issues concern homeowners. We work closely with architects, designers, builders, and technology integrators to achieve just the right amount of acoustic upgrades to a home's construction, finishes, and systems to ensure that the owners' quality of living is optimized from a sound perspective. Our acoustic upgrades improve the health and wellness of homeowners and help them avoid the stress and anxiety that come from sound conflicts while allowing you to create spaces in which your clients want—and love—to live. And when clients are happy, they are clients for life. Contact us to see how we can help improve the quality of living for your clients.

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SH Acoustics
Years in business: 17 years
Offers CEU Credits
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  • Residential Acoustics for Designers