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Welcome to the Home Technology Calculator powered by the Home Technology Association (HTA). This objective tool was developed by the HTA to help consumers plan and budget for any home technology project.

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Prewire pricing will vary based on exactly what features you would like in your home. Read this article about the importance of wiring/cabling in today's "wireless" world. Your local HTA Certified technology integrator is the best resource for exact prewire pricing. Wiring budget is for low-voltage wiring only, not electrical.
Our modern lifestyle and our home's technology systems are extremely reliant on a quality network and Wi-Fi system. Consider the network and Wi-Fi system to be the most important technology system in the home. Homeowners that value reliability, security, performance, and frequently stream TV and movies should consider only SMB-grade (Small and Medium Business) networks at minimum and Enterprise-grade networks ideally. Network and Wi-Fi products supplied by your Internet provider, office supply store, or computer store are not recommended by the HTA or any reputable technology integrator. Depending on your home’s size, construction methods, and specific needs, network costs may be higher than estimated here. Click here to read more about this subject.
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This is called “video distribution” and reduces the amount of audio/video equipment located at each TV location / room.
Pricing listed below does not include seating or room build-out costs.
This budget is typically for a 4-6 seat theater room with a 100" - 120" screen, a sub $10K video projector, and a receiver-based audio system with in-wall speakers.
This budget is typically for a 6-8 seat room with a 120" - 140" screen, a brighter, higher performance projector, and a higher quality sound system.
This budget is typically for an 8-16 seat theater with a 12' - 15' wide screen, high performance projector, and theater-quality sound system.
This budget is typically for an 8-20 seat theater with a 12' - 20' wide screen, reference-grade video projector, reference-quality sound system, and acoustic design.
This budget is typically a spare no expense theater with the very best equipment available and acoustic design. Equipment cost may well exceed $1M depending on room size and level of performance desired.
Do you plan on outfitting a room in your house with a surround sound system? Please select a budget.
A surround sound system creates an immersive sound experience, much like a dedicated home theater room, though in a dual-purpose room such as a Family Room, Master Bedroom, etc. They are often called 'Media Rooms'. To learn the difference between a home theater and media room, click here. If you would like more than one media room location, click on the "Add Another Surround System" button below.
This budget is typically for a 65-75" TV with a "receiver-based" 5.1 audio system with in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and a subwoofer.
This budget is typically for a 75-85" TV, a "separates-based" 7.1 audio system with higher performance in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and a subwoofer (or two).
This budget is typically for a 85"-100" TV, a "separates-based" 11 speaker Dolby Atmos audio system with higher performance speakers and a subwoofer (or two).
This budget is typically for a 75" TV for daytime use plus a 135" motorized projection screen for movie viewing and a theater-quality 11 speaker Dolby Atmos audio system.
Enter camera number. If none, just enter 0.
Typically, homeowners want to see the following areas: front of house, front door, driveway / gate, sides of house, and pool. If you are more concerned about security, you may want to add cameras for the perimeter of your property. Good-quality cameras see about 75 feet of distance on average. The high range of the budget estimate includes higher resolution cameras, better night vision, and longer surveillance recording time. To learn more about security camera option, click here.
Lighting control systems reduce wall clutter, allow preset lighting scenes at the push of a button, increase security, and add convenience. Learn 5 reasons you may want a lighting system by clicking here
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For example, a music app, an app to operate your TV, an app for lights, an app for locks, an app for cameras, an app to open close garage doors & gates, etc. Or do you want to control the house through a single unified app that controls all the systems in the home? Learn more on the pros and cons of each by clicking here.
Success! You have completed your budget estimate! Scroll below to see your budget range and advice on finding the right installer for your project.

Your Estimated Budget Range is:

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House Music Budget00
House Televisions Budget00
Theater Budget00
Media Room Budget00
Alarm Budget00
Security Cameras Budget00
Home Networking and Communications
Wi-Fi / Network Budget00
Telephone / Intercom System Budget00
Home Control / Smart Home
Lighting Control System Budget00
Motorized Shading Budget00
Home Control System00
Hi-end Architectural Finishes & Concealment00
Total Range

The calculated budget range indicates a range of pricing from basic to high-performance systems. All labor and materials are included in the budget. Sales tax is excluded.

HTA Certification is the gold standard of quality for home technology professionals. To learn why you should only consider HTA Certified firms for your project, visit htacertified.org.

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