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Savant's Daylight Mode Lights the Way for Wellness

Savant's Daylight Mode Lights the Way for Wellness

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Angela Larson, Senior VP at Savant, writes about Savant's Daylight Mode and how it represents an opportunity for architects and designers to deliver wellness. 

OneWhile audio video, lighting, and shade control have been recommended by top specifiers for decades, the concept of using technology to create a healthier home for the entire family represents a new frontier. There are few aspects of daily living more ubiquitous than light, and none more central to human behavior—from our work and leisure activities throughout the day to our evening relaxation and eventual sleep cycle. Numerous studies indicate that circadian rhythm—the natural cycle of physical, mental, and behavior changes that the body goes through in a 24-hour cycle is vital to a healthy way of life. 

Introducing Savant Daylight Mode

Savant—maker of high-performance smart home technologies including home control, lighting, shades, energy management, and wellness—is evolving the modern smart home with a new feature called Daylight Mode. It improves quality of life for homeowners by aligning lighting schemes with the natural circadian progression based on time of day. The Savant App intelligently adjusts for related factors such as geography, time zone, and season. Simply stated, a light that is turned on at noon will automatically illuminate at a cool color temperature and high intensity, while the same light activated at 9 PM will illuminate at a much warmer temperature and lower intensity level. 

The Savant App follows circadian scientific settings by default, but you can effortlessly personalize their lighting experience by adjusting timing, intensity, and color temperature settings to perfectly suit their daily habits. You can even turn on and off Daylight Mode in specific rooms of the home or override circadian settings for specific task lighting, entertainment settings, and more.

And for easy access to favorite settings, homeowners can create Savant Scenes. These scenes are customized presets designed to make smart home functionality super easy to use. Any Savant Scene can include Daylight Mode settings, providing homeowners with instant access to their preferred settings but with automatic lighting changes as the day progresses. As an example, a kitchen scene at 10 AM could activate cool, bright lighting throughout the dining and prep space, while the same Savant Scene activated at 8 PM will activate warm, dim lighting settings that are in accordance with the evening hours, maintaining circadian rhythm and a healthier cycle.

TwoSavant’s Daylight Mode is most effective when used in combination with advanced tunable white LED lighting or WRGB (white/green/red/blue) fixtures that have dynamic color temperature capabilities, such as USAI Lighting’s recessed fixtures that feature the company’s groundbreaking Color Select Tunable White or Infinite Color+ technology. Tunable white and dynamic lighting can be set to the desired color temperature to suit any scene or time of day. For the ultimate in system flexibility, Savant’s Daylight Mode also supports traditional (non-tunable) lighting fixtures within the home, precisely dimming the intensity of each lighting fixture in sync with the tunable LED lighting.

For architects, designers, and builders, Daylight Mode from Savant represents an opportunity to differentiate their solutions and bring healthy living to clients in unique and exciting ways. Daylight Mode is an important innovation, seamlessly merging advanced lighting control and tunable LED technology as the ultimate wellness solution for homeowners. To learn more about this technology, please visit: 

The Savant smart home experience is uniquely designed to deliver a great end-user experience, including personalized features for each member of the family. Homeowners around the world are enjoying the benefits of being able to automate and control their climate, lighting, entertainment, security, and energy—all within a single app and from a variety of convenient devices, including in-wall touch panels, keypads, popular voice engines, handheld remote controls, mobile devices, and the Apple watch. Savant has won countless awards for innovation and for creating the premiere smart home experience that enhances lifestyle, while being easy to use.