See the HTA's Mind Share Webinar Topics for 2023
HTA's Mind Share webinar series for 2023
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"Mind Share" Webinars Topics - 2023

The Home Technology Association has another slate of 'Mind Share' webinars designed to make HTA Certified integrators even more successful in 2023. These series of webinars are exclusively for HTA Certified integrators and HTA supporting brand members, except for the February 8th and March 22nd webinars which are open to all (these were recorded and are at the HTA's YouTube channel at this link). These one-hour webinars are at 11am PST / 2pm EST. 2022 webinar topics here. 2021 webinar topics here. All webinars are recorded for later viewing by HTA Certified integrators.

If a Recession Doesn't Kill Your Business, These (3) Things Might (January 25th)

OK, now that we caught your attention with a gloomy title, let's get real. The CI Industry is not lined with dead bodies from past businesses gone awry, in fact, running a decent CI business that seems to spin off cash is relatively easy. As an industry, we have enjoyed a constant stream of demand since the last recession more than 13 years ago. That recession did lead to many integrators shutting their doors, and some in a very abrupt fashion. What indiscretions in your business are being clouded by revenue growth, and what happens when the business cycle changes? What leading indicators are you using to see around the corner? What is your plan of attack when problems are on the horizon? Who is even looking at the horizon? This webinar will cover topics such as:

  • The (3) Key Indicators you must watch in your business, regardless of the economic cycle
  • Why Cash Flow is the most important factor to manage and what most integrators are getting wrong
  • Why Financial Efficiency is more critical than Job Productivity, but wait...they are related!
  • The rubber-band effect our industry will feel from the massive COVID boost, and what to do about it
  • The secrets to financial freedom, getting your teenagers to listen, great skin, reduced hair loss, and eternal life!

How to Use HTA Tools to Battle a Downturn (February 8th)

Closing projects will be more important than ever as the economy pulls back. You will need to throw everything you have on each pitch in order to close the project. This webinar will share closing tips and techniques with an emphasis on how HTA sales tools make this an almost unfair advantage. This webinar will cover topics such as:

  • Arming your trade partner advocates
  • The power of the 3rd party endorsement
  • Building trust
  • Mitigating sticker shock
  • Learn from top closers how they have navigated downturns

How to Get Hired Early - HTA Design Partner & HTA Technology Partner Explained (March 15th)

A long-standing problem integrators suffer is being hired too late. As we know, it is vital that the client’s technology needs are considered early to avoid compromises, change orders, and project delays. The HTA recently launched the HTA Design Partner & HTA Technology Partner program to fix this disconnect. The resulting “Rules Of Engagement” creates professional harmony between architects, interior designers, builders and integrators. Tune into this webinar to learn:

  • How becoming an HTA Design Partner elevates your status to the role of consultant / designer
  • How becoming an HTA Design Partner opens the door to being hired early
  • How to avoid behaviors and attitudes that drive trade partners away
  • How the HTA Technology Partner designation will transform your relationship with trade partners

The 5 Best Marketing Tips & Tricks (April 13th)

It has been a while since you have thought about marketing, now is the time! The HTA wants to help you get the best ROI on your marketing efforts. Tune into this vital webinar to learn:

  • The essentials of digital marketing
  • The power of lunch and learns
  • Are your digital assets in order? (website, SEO, mailing lists, etc.)
  • How to meet new architects, interior designers, and builders


How EOS Can Transform Your Business (May 31st)

What is EOS and why are the top integration firms integrating EOS into their business? EOS stands for Entrepreneurial Operating System and is a set of business concepts, principles, and tools that help business owners run more successful businesses. This webinar will cover topics such as:

  • Learn how to start the EOS process
  • Learn how EOS has transformed other businesses
  • How to run "a perfect 10" meeting
  • How to hold people in your organization accountable


RMR - The Gift that Keeps Giving (August 30th) 

We all know that service contracts are a great way to take care of your clients’ ongoing technology needs, provide speedy service, and earn recurring revenue. This webinar builds on this foundation with client solutions for the ever-increasing security threats both physical and digital. You do not need to sell alarm systems to benefit from security-based RMR opportunities. Attend this webinar to learn:

  • How RMR drastically increases your company’s value
  • There are at least 5 RMR opportunities available to the CI channel, learn how each one fits into your business
  • Incorporating RMR into your sales process
  • How to earn up to $5000 per month per household!


How to Add a Lighting Designer to Your Team (September 20th) 

Many top integrators lead with lighting as it's a topic that resonates with all architects and interior designers. As the CI channel is increasingly embracing lighting fixture sales, the question comes up...should you add a lighting designer to your team or should you work with a 3rd party lighting design professional? This webinar will cover:

  • How lighting design can bring you into projects earlier
  • How lighting design can increase your value to trade partners
  • Bring on the expertise that you don't have
  • How to pay for this person
  • Establish yourself as the lighting expert in your market

Should You Add High-Voltage to Your Product Offering? (November 1st)  

Electricians are your competition already. Does it make sense to start your own high-voltage business? In this webinar, we will cover:

  • How high-voltage differs from low-voltage (beyond the obvious)
  • Build it or acquire it?
  • What kind of expertise do you need in-house?
  • The competitive advantages of being a one-stop shop