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HTA Certification Tier

HTA Certified - Foundation

Company Statistics
Years in business: 
15 years
Home automation installation by Bravo AV for Bedminster
Audio video system integrator Bravo AV services Somerset
AV installer Bravo AV services Somerset
Mission statement: 

Our customers often come to us with a vague notion of what they want the end results to be. Through discussion about their life style and education we help them utilize smart home technology in their home to enhance their lifestyle through: • Super-fast network connectivity • Convenient, safe and energy efficient lighting, shading and temperature control • Music and movies Listening to music wonderfully reproduced or being immersed in a movie can be both relaxing and reinvigorating. People don’t realize it but time travel is here, just put on your favorite movie. Our goal is to put a smile on our customer’s face. In order to maintain a high level of service we purposely maintain a relatively small geographic foot print. While technology is always changing our goal of happy customers is unchanging. As lifelong learners in a rapidly changing technological landscape we stay current so we are able to help our customers get the most out of the most suitable technology. Our communication is always straight forward. Bravo AV is a great place to work because if Tom says he will do it you know it will get done. Tom clearly communicated to all employees what is expected of them and what the company is doing. He is a believer of continuous improvement through training. There are no secrets at Bravo AV. Tom is interested in seeing the team grow professionally, personally and spiritually. We are a member of the community since 2006. Our area of support is focused on local schools and Police/Fire/First aid departments

Vision statement: 

Local technology experts delivering lifestyle solutions that bring years of joy to the customer from a team that loves what they do. Bravo AV strives to be in the top 10% of custom AV firms based on customer and employee satisfaction and technology competence all the while staying small and nimble.

Company description: 

Bravo AV’s The What, Where, When, How and Why What we do Put Smiles on people’s faces by designing, installing and programming well thought-out smart home solutions. The systems all start with a rock solid wired and wireless network. We bring safety and security through lighting control and security cameras. We bring comfort through automated shades and temperature control. We bring fun and relaxation through multi-room audio. Media room dedicated home theaters and robust outdoor AV systems. Where do we do it: NJ and NYC When do we do it On Demand How do we do it We have a holistic design approach using proven gear installed and serviced by skilled motivated technicians Why we do it Because we love making people happy

Number of office locations: 
Number of full-time employees in the entire company
Customer Service / Aftercare
Dedicated aftercare service staff
Same day emergency service
24-hour emergency onsite service
24-hour phone support
Offers remote system monitoring & support
Project Size Information

This chart shows the price range of “whole home technology system” projects where the dealer has installed multiple technology systems (prewire, audio/video, network, smart home, etc.) in multiple rooms of the home. The chart reflects a time period of 36 months. The numbers include any private home theaters and media rooms that were part of the project. The pricing excludes lighting controls, motorized shading/drapery systems, and sales tax. The number in parenthesis are the amount of projects completed in each price range category.

Typical whole home system project size: 
$50,000 min
$150,000 max
$75,000 typical
$15,000 min
$35,000 max
$20,000 typical
Home Size & Value Information
3,000sqft min
15,000sqft max
6,500sqft typical
$1,000,000 min
$5,000,000 max
$2,000,000 typical
Manufacturer endorsed?
Industry Professional endorsed?
Architect endorsed?
General Contactor endorsed?
Interior Designer endorsed?
Services Offered
Audio Video Systems
Home Theater Systems
Smart home / Home Automation
Home Monitoring
IT Networks
Security Cameras
Telephone Systems
Motorized Shading
Control System Programming
Audiophile Music Systems
3rd party: 
Engineering / As-Built Drawings
Office space
Offers engineering & as-built documentation?
Offers enterprise-grade networks?
CEDIA » COI (Certified Outreach Instructor)
CEDIA » ESC-D (Electronics Systems Certified Designer)
Lutron » RadioRA2 Preferred System Provider
THX » THX Home Theater Level 1
HAA / THX (Home Acoustics Alliance) » HAA Level I
License & Insurance Information
Low-voltage license: 
License #: 
Worker’s compensation insurance: 
Liability Insurance: 
Liability insurance: 
Not required
Other licenses held: 
NJ Home inprovement Contractors License
March, 2018
Electronics warranty: 
As supplied by manufacturer
Installation warranty: 
6 months
3rd party extended warranty polices offered on electronic components or systems: