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C SEED - Outdoor Entertainment

C SEED - Outdoor Entertainment

C SEED Entertainment Systems is building upon almost a decade experience in designing and manufacturing luxury TVs for high end outdoor, indoor, and marine applications. Production facility and offices are headquartered in the south of Vienna, Austria, with a showroom and branch office in Beverly Hills, California.


Indoor TV – C SEED N1
Indoor TV – C SEED M1
Indoor TV – C SEED Blade
Outdoor TV – C SEED 201/144
Outdoor TV – C SEED HLR 201/144
Outdoor Speaker System – C SEED Hyde 125
Marine TV – C SEED Supermarine 201/144
Marine Speakers – C SEED Supermarine Speakers
The C SEED 201 and 144 inch HLR TV’s are hidden in its compartment box, waiting for activation by a simple push of a button on the remote control.
Indoor C SEED N1 TV
The C SEED N1 165, 137 and 103 inch TV reshapes interior design and transforms the media experience, combining cutting edge technology with avant-garde style.
Indoor C SEED M1 TV
At the push of a button, the floor opens and within seconds, a sleek column rises silently from the ground, unfolding a 165, 137 or 103 inch screen.
Speaker System C SEED Hyde 125
Fully retraceable C SEED 125 is a system of passive speakers for a choice of configurations ranging from 2.0 stereo to 9.1 surround.
C SEED Production Facility
The M1 facility in Austria includes offices, production plant and demo facilities.
Outdoor C SEED 201/144 TV
The C SEED 201 outdoor TV screen wraps ultra-powerful technology into rigorously streamlined design aesthetics created by Porsche Design Studio.
Years in business: 15