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FAQ - Homeowners

What resources does the HTA provide to consumers?

This website is designed to be your hub for all things home technology related. Here are some resources you will find:

  1. a list of the most qualified home technology integration professionals in your area (click here)

  2. a simple technology budget estimator tool that creates realistic installed cost budget ranges for home tech systems ranging from very good to top of the line (click here)
  3. a Project Technology Assessment form to use as a checklist of the technology amenities you may want in your home (download the form here)

  4. a ‘Resource Guide’ showing you the top brands and services in the home technology industry. Use the Resource Guide for creative ideas for your home (click here)

  5. the ‘Request a Quote’ service. We will make an introduction for you to one of our HTA Certified integrators (click here)
  6. educational articles meant to give you a concise overview of home technology systems and related topics. Click here to see the list of articles
  7. a 6x a year 'Home Technology Design' newsletter meant to keep you up to date with technology trends. Subscribe here (we don't sell your contact information)

Why should I hire an HTA Certified company?

HTA Certified companies have been thoroughly researched for reputation, technical competence, customer service, and aftercare support policies. They have also provided an enormous amount of data that we publish to allow you to see exactly what their specialties and capabilities are. Although the Home Technology Association cannot guarantee a perfect technology installation, we can astronomically improve the odds of success through highly vetted firms. See this video by celebrity real estate professional James Harris on why HTA Certification is vital to success:

Doesn’t Angi or HomeAdvisor accomplish the same thing?

These are great review services, though they typically do not provide enough data to truly evaluate a home technology installation firm's capabilities. The firm that does a great job installing a few TV's around the home may fail miserably on a large-scale project despite their 5-star rating. A litany of 1-star ratings usually is telling, but a plethora of 5-star ratings still does not guarantee the right fit for your project.

Can any home technology integrator become an HTA Certified company?

No, the guidelines are stringent for certification. Either a company meets the criteria or not.

How much should I budget on my home’s technology systems?

We recommend between 4 - 8% of your home's value. You will be on the higher-range if real estate in your area is a bargain, and on the lower range if you live in a high-cost real estate market (ie. Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York). We highly recommend using our home technology budget calculator which you can access by clicking here.  

Do I still need to do my own due diligence on HTA Certified firms?

Yes, there is no substitute for your own due diligence.

Does the HTA endorse Certified firms?

We provide information to enable homeowners to choose a technology installation firm that is the best fit for their project. We believe that our certification criteria and vetting process dramatically improves the odds of success, though we still recommend that every homeowner interview the firms and do their own due diligence before hiring any home technology installation company.

What is the HTA Resource Guide?

The Resource Guide is a directory of some of the best brands in the home technology industry. These stellar companies are hand-picked to participate in the Home Technology Association's mission to connect homeowners, architects, builders, and interior designers with the very best custom installation firms in the world.

What is an HTA Design Partner & HTA Technology Partner program?


The HTA Design Partner designation identifies design-centric HTA Certified technology integrators as a service to architects, interior designers, builders, and homeowners. The program was created to recognize the home technology professionals that not only offer technology consultation and design but those who collaborate with design and build teams to ensure that the technology is integrated into the home in the best way possible. 

Architects, interior designers, and builders that proactively plan for their clients' technology needs are designated by the Home Technology Association as HTA Technology Partners. These forward-thinking design and build professionals understand that their clients' safety and entertainment needs must be determined early due to the fact that these systems affect space planning, aesthetics, and other trades such as framing contractors, electricians, HVAC contractors, and more.