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Savant - Energy Management

Savant - Energy Management

Throughout time, humans have consistently utilized technology to improve their living conditions. Energy independence is the next challenge humanity faces requiring new thinking, new technology and the fortitude to succeed. Founded in 2015 by Robert Madonna, Racepoint Energy, sister company to Savant, provides a first-of-its-kind smart energy solution. The Savant Home intelligently manages both stored energy and grid power and provides the user with an intuitive interface only Savant could deliver. Combining scalable energy storage, flexible load control and Savant Smart Home knowhow the end result eliminates the need for multiple electrical sub-panels and expensive, inefficient generators creating a home that is constantly optimizing energy usage. More importantly, the Savant home can now react to severe weather conditions, grid outages and time-of-use pricing by the utility to provide security and savings for your essential systems or the entire property. The Racepoint Energy portfolio also includes energy monitoring and management solutions for your existing and future generator or solar panel deployments, making those systems smarter and more effective. 

Energy Monitoring
Racepoint integration with Savant monitors complete dynamic environmental control of climate, lighting and other electrical loads.
Breaker Companion Modules
Savant Breaker Companion Modules are engineered to deliver both control and energy management functionality of lighting loads and other devices in the home.
Energy Service & Management
Manage how much and where energy is being used, view by time of day, load, circuit or group of circuits to deliver information that control energy costs.
Energy Independence to your clients
Savant Lighting & Energy
Years in business: 19
Offers CEU Credits
Courses offered:
  • Introduction to Smart Home Control & Automation
  • Next Generation Residential Lighting & Controls
  • WELLv2 Automated Shading & Circadian Lighting
  • USAI Lighting & Wellness
  • Virtual Smart Home Experience & Demonstration
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