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Redefining The Smart Home Experience

Redefining The Smart Home Experience

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It is hard to believe, but the very first smart home solutions appeared on the market many years before the advent of smart phones and other handheld devices. Original smart home features were designed as solutions for that time – such as early generation multi-zone entertainment and indoor/outdoor lighting control that became a staple in luxury residences.  

Today’s smart home aims to address consumer demand for intelligent, efficient, and luxurious living while solving for the new challenges in residential construction such as indoor wellness, high-traffic wireless communication, power grid instability, and more... So, whether you are designing, building, or just dreaming of your next project, consider each of these four smart home pillars as you develop a plan that supports both your budgetary and lifestyle expectations. 
The Smart Home Entertainment Experience 
Consider all aspects of entertainment within the home reaching well beyond the physical limits of a dedicated home theater, such as common living areas, outdoor spaces, home gyms, and even garage/workspaces. Savant offers a vast selection of entertainment solutions that allow you to tailor an intuitive system while blending key elements into any décor—including speakers that are hidden in plain sight. Savant also offers easy access to all popular streaming service providers and a user experience that is second to none. Content creators and distributors such as Amazon, Apple, and Netflix now offer high-quality on-demand programming including immersive music formats such as Dolby Atmos. Enthusiasts can enjoy the dramatic reverb of a Gothic church in Sweden or the magic of a center seat at Carnegie Hall in New York City without ever leaving the comforts of home. 

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Savant soundbars and premium architectural loudspeakers make high-resolution digital audio accessible in any room as well as outdoors by the pool or patio. Fitting neatly beneath any TV, the Savant Smart Audio Soundbar offers outstanding sound quality, optional wireless surround speakers, and built-in smart home features that provide access to streaming content. No other soundbar can control the TV, lighting, climate, and more—all from the Savant app or other control interface.  

And because no home entertainment system is complete without beautiful high-resolution video, Savant's Video over IP solution offers unmatched clarity by delivering video content throughout the home over the network infrastructure. Savant also offers beautiful, easy-to-use 3x3 video tiling, enabling viewers to select and watch multiple sources on a single display. A Savant entertainment platform can also extract audio from any video source and send it to any room throughout the home.  

Smart Environmental Controls: Going Far Beyond On/Off/Dim 
Environmental considerations within a smart home ecosystem include lighting control, intelligent and dynamic lighting fixtures, motorized shades, and climate control. Gone are the days when simply dimming a light and turning it on and off are enough. Today’s innovations in dynamic lighting have pushed the envelope, improving quality of life in the home in such a way that the system can evolve with the needs of the homeowner.  

Dynamic lighting, featuring adjustable brightness and color temperature, can highlight key interior design elements, change the mood of any room, and even enhance health and wellness by aligning lighting schemes to match the natural circadian progression (sunrise to sundown progression of light throughout the day). And when combined with motorized shades, a room’s natural light and artificial light can be seamlessly blended.  

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Savant is leading the evolution of the modern smart home with a feature called Daylight Mode that intelligently adjusts your intelligent lighting for related factors such as geography, time zone and season. Beyond the scientific defaults, users can effortlessly personalize their lighting experience by adjusting timing, intensity, and color temperature settings to suit their daily habits. Savant has created an effortless experience for users, who can turn on and off Daylight Mode in specific rooms of the home from within the Savant App, or by using keypad buttons to instantly override circadian lighting settings to address specific tasks. Daylight Mode can also be part of Savant’s popular scene engine, with uniquely personalized scenes accessible at the touch of a button or via voice command. A Savant Scene is simply a group of commands or settings within the smart home ecosystem that are saved to a preset for ultra-simple recall.

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Environmental control in the home is also leading the way to improve overall heating and cooling efficiency. As residential energy use comes under more scrutiny in many regions of the US, consumer demand for smart solutions like Savant, have increased notably. Smart thermostats, shade control that automatically adjust based on time-of-day, energy efficient lighting and automated timers based on sunrise and sunset are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Homeowners want these benefits and access to smart features without undue complexity. The Savant user experience is so intuitive, much of this vital functionality can be automated in the background or grouped within a Savant Scene, effortlessly accessed via a single button-press. Savant has merged efficiency, convenience, and luxury to create the ultimate smart home experience.  

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Managed Energy Equals a Smarter, Greener Home 
The power grid in many parts of the world has experienced never-before-seen volatility, in part due to increased demand, frequent extreme weather events, and the drive towards electrification. A Savant Power System delivers the ultimate energy management solution. Savant’s advanced automated software platform and intuitive app-based user experience make it easy to monitor and control every circuit, optimizing efficiency and reducing costs without compromising comfort and convenience. 

By combining onsite energy generation, integrated battery storage, generator control, flexible load management, and powerful EV charging, the Savant Power System delivers complete control of energy assets, plus the added security of grid independence. Homeowners can view consumption data down to the circuit level and create scenes to effortlessly access favorite settings. A Savant Power System enhances safety and increases efficiency without compromising lifestyle. 

A Robust Network Equals Comfort and Security 
The critical backbone of any modern home is the wireless network infrastructure, supporting a seamless and instantaneous smart home experience that includes home security with outdoor cameras, door entry functionality as well as robust network and data security. Savant offers the only learning wireless network solution leveraging the most advanced Wi-Fi technology that is always optimized for best performance. Savant Smart Networking ensures the best wireless experience for the homeowner in every room or outdoors, plus more efficient deployment and ultra-fast challenge-resolution for home technology integrators. Savant’s Smart Networking delivers cutting edge, enterprise-grade technology that creates a vastly superior foundation for Savant’s smart home ecosystem.

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Using a combination of the latest Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E high-speed access points from Juniper Mist, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science techniques to analyze critical information in real-time, a Savant Smart Network can optimize user experiences and simplify operations across a wireless network that is more predictable, reliable, and measurable.   

Many Smart Elements, One Intuitive Experience 
The Savant smart home experience is unique in both performance and in the intuitive way the control interface ties together all the elements. Most notable is Savant’s amazing scenes engine, which provides one-touch access to favorite settings, creating an ecosystem that includes entertainment, lighting, energy, power, wellness, and more. This is undeniably the new definition of smart home from Savant. 

Today, Savant’s smart home ecosystem has expanded to include advanced networking and energy management functionality alongside more traditional features that homeowners have come to expect even in the most basic of smart homes. The vast expansion of capabilities under the smart home umbrella have redefined the category and, with more features on tap, placed increasing importance on the intuitive nature of the user experience. Savant’s user interface options, which include an award-winning App for both iOS and Android devices, a sleek handheld remote featuring both touchscreen and hard buttons, voice integration, and elegant décor-friendly keypads, all provide effortless and intuitive control of the Savant home.