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Savant - Video Distribution

Savant - Video Distribution

Since the advent of HDMI and digital copyright protections, video resolution has continued to climb and the old ways of moving video around a home no longer suffice. Limited bandwidth, distance limitations and even new HDMI cable standards present challenges in creating a solution that is both flexible and scalable. While legacy solutions lock the client into a device with a fixed number in ins and outs, Savant 4K-Over-IP’s modular approach allows systems to scale from a few rooms to well over a hundred. With both single and multi-source input modules and a variety of output modules available, Savant IP Video blends perfectly with Savant IP Audio systems allow virtually any video and/or audio source to be delivered in stunning detail to any room at distances upwards of 1000ft.  

Savant Video Tiling
Watch up to nine sources on a single screen with this seamless video tiling solution.
Savant IP Video
Connect video and audio from any source and make it available across your network with lossless video quality. Available in fiber and copper options.
Smart Home App for Apple TV
Activate your personalized Scenes, access favorite channels and control a wide range of services, control climate, manage lighting and more, all from your TV.
Savant Video Tiling
Savant Home App for Apple TV
Years in business: 19
Offers CEU Credits
Courses offered:
  • Introduction to Smart Home Control & Automation
  • Next Generation Residential Lighting & Controls
  • WELLv2 Automated Shading & Circadian Lighting
  • USAI Lighting & Wellness
  • Virtual Smart Home Experience & Demonstration
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