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Séura - Outdoor Entertainment

Séura - Outdoor Entertainment


  • BEST OUTDOOR-RATED - Built with thermal controls to survive multi-climate temperatures and IP tested to withstand dust and water ingress, Séura’s weatherproof TVs are backed by a 2-year warranty and offer reliable and safe entertainment in every environment.
  • BRIGHTEST PICTURE - Color-calibrated for the best picture in shade or full sun, Séura Outdoor TVs are the brightest in their class. Séura Full Sun Series leads with 2000-nit brightness and Shade Series leads the shaded outdoor category at 700-nit brightness.
  • WEATHERPROOF ACCESSORIES – Séura front-facing soundbars project sound toward you to deliver rich, powerful audio. Choose from Séura’s wall mounts, ceiling mounts, and floor stands for a durable mounting solution.
  • LARGEST AND SLEEKEST DESIGNS - With screens up to 85 inches, ultra-thin bezels and mirrored side panels, Séura TVs fit seamlessly in your outdoor space.

Shade Series 2
Our best option for outdoor TV spaces in full shade. Includes 50W outdoor soundbar.
Full Sun Series
The industry’s brightest direct-sun television
More than a Back Yard
Transform your back yard into a venue for entertainment, escape, and everything in between when you add a Séura Outdoor TV.
Outdoor TV Demo Content
Content designed for demoing Séura Outdoor TVs
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