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Sonus Faber - Speakers – Architectural & Invisible

Sonus Faber - Speakers – Architectural & Invisible

Sonus faber is a designer and manufacturer of high-end audio equipment. Latin for “Artisan of Sound”, Sonus faber combines 40 years of audio engineering with signature Italian design. Sonus faber speakers are handcrafted in Vicenza, Italy from organic materials such as wood and leather, producing the signature “natural sound”: three-dimensional, immersive audio, reproduced as the artist intended.

Twenty years after the original design, Stradivari has evolved into its second generation, pushing the limits of innovation and engineering. With its signature organic materials - wood and leather - blended seamlessly with cutting-edge sound technology, Stradivari epitomizes the essence of Sonus faber's philosophy.
Sonus Faber
Years in business: 41