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HTA Product of the Year Quotes

HTA Product of the Year Quotes

Robert Ruderman of ETC Simplify
- In regards to Stealth Acoustics' LineaResponse X (LRX) Invisible Speakers

"We used to say that Stealth Acoustics sounds great for an invisible speaker. Now we can let our client know that they just sound great, period."

Will Breaux of
- In regards to WAC Lighting's WAC Strut

"The WAC Strut system has been a fantastic addition to our lighting product portfolio. The versatility of the system allows it to be used in many applications and styles of construction. The built-in control and communication means that we can use it with a control system or use it standalone if there is no control system going in. Low voltage wiring lowers the cost of installation and individually addressable fixtures means that the configuration can be dynamically changed at any time. This is especially useful in open floor plans where the layout might change and therefore the grouping of fixtures may need to change.  Plus sensors and timers built into the system control app make for easy automation in simple systems.  On two large projects where we have used this system, the architects were pleased with the lower cost (versus other designer systems), the flexibility, and the choices available for elements to go in the channels.  Add to that the ease of working with WAC and you have a lighting system that checks all of the boxes for many projects."

Eric Thies of DSI Luxury Technology
- In regards to D-Tools System Integrator software

"D-Tools is, and has always been, the industry standard. D-Tools is a vital cog in our business machine and continues to improve year after year."

Eric Knez of eDesign Group
In regards to the Access Networks A350 Access Point 

"This is a fantastic product. Easy to set up and is very robust and reliable. Its price point and overall performance makes it one of the best values in Access Points out there."

Jason Barth of The Premier Group
- In regards to the Access Networks A350 Access Point

"The Access Networks A350 Wifi6 wireless access point is not only a great solution for our challenging residential single-family and estate home projects, but the support from Access Networks is also second to none.  The product has proven itself SO robust and reliable that our service calls related to wifi in general continue to go down. Our clients expect and demand fast and reliable wifi throughout their home and we have come to trust the A350 as the 'go-to' solution for most of our standard applications.”  

Andy Worshill of Haas Entertainment
- In regards to the Access Networks A350 Access Point 

"We swear by Access Networks WiFi products, especially their ARCC platform. ARCC makes system deployment and remote management very easy and it just works because it is Access Networks."

- In regards to the Barco Njord Cinemascope Projector

"We recently installed a Barco Njord Cinemascope projector in our showroom theater. It is the best residential projector we have ever seen. Our clients are blown away during system demos and it is a great centerpiece for our theater."

James Garrett of Garrett Integrated Systems 
- In regards to Savant's Home Back Up & Restore Service 

"We have been thoroughly happy with Savant and excited to see where their ongoing innovation will take us next year!" 

Steve Edelman of Electronic Lifestyles
- In regards to Seura's Full Sun Series Outdoor TV

"Looking for an IP55 rated outdoor display? There are a few options. But after successful implementation of our share of Seura mirror TVs, it only seemed natural to stay within the brand and give their outdoor display a shot.
I'm not sure how many years ago that was, but in that time, we have installed dozens of Seura outdoor series televisions, and with the new version of the full sun series outdoor TV, Seura has really delivered. It's super bright, the colors are great and we never truly worry about failure. I really wouldn't know about service and support because we never need it, but if it’s comparable to the impression of the display, I’m sure it’s solid. 
Our clients are thrilled they have an outdoor, extremely weatherproof display solution with sizes that will fulfill pretty much any need or viewing scenario, and that’s fine, because the supporting hardware sale usually makes this a win-win addition to any outdoor space."