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Design File: Minimal Opening Speakers Are Ideal for High-Design Homes

Design File: Minimal Opening Speakers Are Ideal for High-Design Homes

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In the world of architectural audio, Origin Acoustics is a beacon of innovation. The Origin story begins with a group of young audio enthusiasts who believed that sound should be an integral part of interior design. They set out to create a speaker that not only sounded exceptional but also seamlessly blended into its surroundings. This vision led to the development of the first architectural loudspeaker, a groundbreaking product that revolutionized the way people experience sound in their homes and businesses. 

Over the years, Origin Acoustics has created products and curated strategic partnerships with other manufacturers that share our mission to create what we call Design Centric Technology™.  This initiative brings performance solutions that consumers want and aesthetically pleasing solutions that designers, builders, architects, and luxury home buyers’ desire. We work with many industry organizations, such as CEDIA, AIA, Emerald Group, Builder Innovator, and more, to educate influencers on the different solutions available, helping everyone achieve their goals for both new and existing homes. 

Most homeowners want to enjoy sound throughout the home and property to enhance the environment for relaxing, entertaining, or to help set a specific mood. As part of our Design Centric philosophy, Origin Acoustics offers a wide selection of in-celling and in-wall speakers that have a much smaller footprint than typical solutions on the market, allowing them to blend in easier to any given space.  

MOS Is a Small Loudspeaker with Huge Sound

One innovation to come out of Origin Acoustics is the Minimal Opening Speaker™ (MOS). Introduced in 2022, our smallest yet largest feat so far, the Minimal Opening System MOS36K is a revolutionary in-ceiling audio system that mimics the appearance of 4-inch designer lighting, providing a perfectly clean aesthetic for designers and homeowners. This award-winning speaker seamlessly blends into the ceiling alongside lights for a sophisticated uniform look, providing high-quality sound within the most restrictive environments. Interior designers and homeowners love the clean aesthetic yet rich and powerful sound that comes from MOS speakers. 

pic:Origin-Min-Opening-System.png pk:612 alt:None

Revolutionary Pre-Construction Mounting

Uniquely engineered to grant a simple installation process, the MOS has built-in rails that secure the 6-inch fiberglass woofer enclosure, which ports around a 2-inch wide-band aluminum driver, providing well-balanced sound from a design-centric 4-inch opening. With the exact dimensions to ensure a tight fit between ceiling joists, a simple twist and hex screw will lock the mid-range speaker into place. 

pic:master-PHOTO-MOS36MNT-TOOL (1).png pk:613 alt:None

To further simplify the installation process, Origin Acoustics has developed the Minimal System Opening Mount MOS36MNT. This unique mounting system makes installing the MOS36K speaker system a breeze, ensuring that it can be easily integrated into any space with little effort. The MOS36MNT is a reusable tool consisting of two adjustable formed steel brackets designed to simplify installation of the MOS36K. During installation, the tool is used to span the space between ceiling joists and provide a temporary platform on which to rest the woofer back box. Once the back box is secured to the joists, the tool can be removed and reused for future installations. Each bracket is collapsible to allow for more space-efficient storage and is adjustable up to 33.25 inches (from outside edge to outside edge). Each bracket also has reversible hangers to span ceiling joist spacings up to 24 inches with the hangers in either orientation. All of this means less intrusive installation for homeowners and designers! 

pic:MOS grille kit.png pk:614 alt:None

Premium Choice Trim Rings

Designers especially appreciate the included Trim-Ring Kit includes six different designs, offering the latest, invisible flush mount trim-ring options, and both round and square grilles, allowing the ideal trim to be selected to match any interior. 

Origin also offers custom grille printing to match any ceiling or wall color or texture and make blending in even easier.

Perks Beyond Great Sound

Origin Acoustics offers full audio and sound reinforcement designs for any project with an average turnaround time of five business days. Let our experts design and optimize your next audio project for free. Origin also offers a limited lifetime warranty on all our indoor architectural speakers with hassle-free returns. We always deliver service above the bar. 

The Origin Way

Origin Acoustics offers thousands of products that bring joy and entertainment to any luxury environment. We have curated the best brand partners with products that fit into many different categories. Most importantly, we understand the need to bring people together and bridge the gap between design and technology. We regularly engage the design and builder community and are always innovating to create more Design Centric Technology™ solutions  to delight customers and enhance their lifestyles.

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