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Custom DVLED Home Cinema Displays Are the Ultimate Tech Status Symbol

Custom DVLED Home Cinema Displays Are the Ultimate Tech Status Symbol

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Today’s affluent homeowners now have a unique opportunity to install custom-made, large-format direct-view LED (DVLED) displays that can transform any room into a showcase of extreme opulence. Guests may ooh and ahh at an expansive foyer or hand-carved architectural accents, but neither of these can deliver the awe-inspiring experience of a wall-sized, bright digital display. Previously, such technology could only be found in the world’s largest entertainment venues and advanced cinemas. 
Even if they don’t know the technology by name, most people are familiar with DVLED displays through their increasing use in billboards, stadium displays and commercial movie theaters — where the technology is beginning to supplant projectors. Luxury homeowners seeking the ultimate home cinema experience can now get these new DVLED displays at sizes up to 325 inches (27 feet!) diagonal (in the case of the newest models from LG, for instance), providing unprecedented opportunity to design show-stopping spaces that scream exclusivity.

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Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

DVLED technology represents a radical departure from existing LCD flat screens and laser projectors, redefining the very idea of the “home theater.” While premium movie viewing has historically been confined to windowless rooms or dark basements in order to ensure a black background and boost contrast, the technology underpinning the DVLED experience doesn’t require such an accommodation.
Instead of layers of liquid crystal sandwiched behind a pane of glass, DVLED displays are composed of millions of individually controlled pixels that can each present more than a million colors. And by turning off the pixels in the black parts of an image, which projectors and LCD TVs can’t do, DVLED displays can achieve contrast that rivals OLED technology. The absence of a glass front reduces glare and makes it possible to outfit multi-purpose areas and family rooms with an oversized display that truly brings the movie theater experience to your living room.
Advanced Technology, Enhanced Creativity
In addition to supersizing blockbuster hits and bringing sporting events to life, DVLED displays such as LG’s “Extreme Home Cinema” line feature a bezel-less design that makes them ideal for displaying digital art throughout the day. With digital art streaming services growing in popularity and availability, there may be no better canvas to display artwork with such clarity and at a breathtaking scale. 
This large-format display technology designed for use in fully lit environments enables home designers and architects to imagine spaces where an enormous, brilliant digital display is actually visible from outside, either to show off to neighbors or to offer backyard viewing through a transitional indoor/outdoor space.

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The gigantic sizes of DVLED displays also open unique opportunities to create custom experiences such as an immersive aquarium, a planetarium or a life-sized golf simulator. Perhaps most enticing, however, is that such a large display surface offers the option to add a split- or multi-screen device, allowing users to create a sportsbook-style video wall to watch multiple sporting events simultaneously.
For the most adventurous homeowners, the display itself can even become a piece of art through customization of its size, shape or curvature. You read that right: DVLED displays don’t have to be simple rectangles, and can be built in circles, stars, or any other custom shape. They can also be sized to fill the precise dimensions of an available space and bendable models allow the display to match a curved wall or create an enveloping experience that surrounds the viewer.
Exclusive Doesn’t Do It Justice
Knowing that very few homeowners have either the space or the resources available to invest in an oversized, cutting-edge display, only elite-level home technology dealers have been given access to sell these products and provide ongoing service to owners. Custom-made, large-format direct-view LED displays were previously only found in the world’s largest entertainment venues and advanced cinemas. Now, for the first time ever, this technology is available for luxury homes. 

Whether the goal is to host an unforgettable game day event, screen blockbuster movies or build immersive experiences that invigorate the spirit, DVLED displays offer luxury homeowners the customization, exclusivity, performance and personalized service they expect.

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