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The Emotional Connection: Lutron Lighting Delivers Personalized Experiences

The Emotional Connection: Lutron Lighting Delivers Personalized Experiences

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Differentiate your home with the power of light. Experience lighting personalization, refined daylight control, automation, and better quality of light, allowing you to emotionally connect with the space.

Chances are, if you work in the design-build commmunity, you've heard of Lutron. Or if you are a homeowner, you may have experienced the company's technology and not even known it. For nearly six decades, Lutron has been illuminating residential spaces all over the world. You could even go so far as to say Lutron has changed how we experience light in the home with innovative technology like the first solid-state dimmer, which thoughtfully balances technology with design into an ergonomic silhouette that redefined the look of the traditional lighting On/Off switch. Now, the company's full suit of lighting controls and shades deliver personalization, refined daylight control, smart home automation, and a better quality of light.


Personalized Experiences with a Single Touch

What makes a house a home is personal choices. Lutron delivers on those highly personalized experiences for homeowners with a single touch of a button. Tailor just the right mood for a quiet dinner for two, for watching the latest blockbuster, or for celebrating a special event. Create favorite scenes—preset, personalized lighting levels—and easily recall them with a keypad, an app, or an automated schedule. Sophisticated in design and intuitive to use, Lutron controls are available in styles and finishes to complement the décor, and can be customizable to fit your or your client's needs.

Elevating the Standard of Light

To address color and dimming issues of poor-quality LEDs, Lutron introduced Finiré LED lighting eight years ago, offering peace of mind that comes with a  complete Lutron driver, control, and LED system-matched solution. Today, the company guarantees dimming performance, superior CRI and color consistency, and worry-free quality, service, and support. Beyond LED light and dimming, Lutron is bringing an elevated design element to the lighting category with Ketra, expanding Lutron's HomeWorks portfolio for the complete luxury home experience. Ketra sets the bar for stunning light, allowing you to seamlessly emulate daylight in interior spaces. And Ketra’s selection of light sources creates high-quality white, pastels, and saturated colors, which enhance the look of any space and allow you to precisely tailor the light to meet the needs of the space. It works seamlessly with Lutron controls and shades (see below) to create powerful and personalized smart spaces and intelligent next-level lighting. For more info on Ketra, click here

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 7.09.36 AM

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 7.09.52 AM
Refined Daylight Control

Channeling natural light is made simple and more decadent with Lutron window coverings (below). Lutron's automated shades offer refined daylight control: Let the sun in to energize your mornings and illuminate your daily routine while ensuring privacy; block midday glare while preserving your view; and enjoy the sky’s soothing palette at the end of the day before settling down for the night. Lutron's shades move quietly and precisely, for a clean, sleek look. They respond at the touch of a button or via a personalized schedule. You can also have your HTA certified home technology professional integrate shades with Lutron lighting control and add them to your favorite scenes, with both adjusting in harmony. Choose from a variety of styles as well as an extensive, curated fabric collection to complement the interior design.


Bringing It All Together

Harnessing the power of light is the new luxury home differentiator. The Lutron luxury portfolio powered by a HomeWorks system brings together lighting controls, automated shades, and Ketra lighting to harness the power of light. This integrated solution allows homeowners to connect with their home on an emotional level—whether relaxing, entertaining, or creating a luxurious interior that reflects their style and tastes. Light delivers the perfect ambiance, showcases rooms and design elements at their best, and ultimately, makes the home a sanctuary.

Reach out to the team at Lutron by clicking the icons to the right (or below if you’re on a mobile device) to learn more.