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Savant - Home Wellness / Healthy Home

Savant - Home Wellness / Healthy Home

Wellness isn’t simply a state of mind. Increasingly research has demonstrated that our living environment has a profound effect on one’s well-being. Decades of medical research and recent discoveries about the anatomy of the human eye prove that the light one encounters affects everything from their sleeping patterns to their mood. Forging a partnership with USAI Lighting and the Lighting Science Foundation, Savant created an intelligent lighting system that is designed to promote healthy living. Savant lighting systems will automatically adjust to warmer temperatures in the morning and evening, and cooler in the middle of the day, ensuring you are always your best self. 

Savant Daylight Mode
Savant Daylight Mode uses advanced logic to adjust intensity and color temperature to support a healthy sleep and wake cycle.
Savant Lighting UI
From remotes to touch screens to voice commands, Savant keeps you in control for all of your lighting preferences.
Savant Modes, Scenes and Personalization
Savant Scenes allow you to create, capture and schedule scenes that incorporate multiple systems at once. Personalize settings for specific rooms and services.
Savant Lighting & TrueImage
Savant Circadian Lighting App Daylight Mode
Savant Daylight Mode
Years in business: 19
Offers CEU Credits
Courses offered:
  • Introduction to Smart Home Control & Automation
  • Next Generation Residential Lighting & Controls
  • WELLv2 Automated Shading & Circadian Lighting
  • USAI Lighting & Wellness
  • Virtual Smart Home Experience & Demonstration
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