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How To Upgrade Your Home With Smart Power

How To Upgrade Your Home With Smart Power

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by Angela Larson, GM Professional Solutions SAVANT

Looking for guidance on how to upgrade your home to include the resilience, security, and efficiency of smart power? You have come to the right place. First, let’s briefly discuss WHY.  

Power Security, Power Independence, & Energy Efficiency
The rising adoption of EVs across the nation, increased electrification of our daily lives, plus the impact of more frequent, extreme weather events has rapidly added unpredictability and significant pressure to an already overburdened power grid infrastructure. These factors have led to increased brownouts, rolling blackouts and unexpected outages, as well as increased electricity costs.

On top of grid fragility, rapidly developing technology allows for a single home to have multiple power sources designed to ensure power security for residents. Much like the multiple entertainment sources we now see in even the most basic of entertainment systems, these multiple sources of power need to be better understood and properly managed by the consumer.

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By combining onsite energy generation, integrated battery storage, generator control, flexible load management, and powerful EV charging, a Savant Power System delivers complete control of energy assets, plus the added security of grid independence. Homeowners can view consumption data down to the circuit level and create Scenes designed to limit power consumption during peak times of day.  A Savant Power System enhances safety and increases efficiency without compromising lifestyle, delivering a safer, smarter, greener living experience for any size home—and it works seamlessly within the multi-award-winning Savant app that so many homeowners know and love.

Meet a Technology Expert
Savant has a network of specialists, called integrators, who are expert in smart power and provide you with solutions that can improve quality of life. Savant can provide budgetary estimates for any project, featuring high-level insights and specifications that you can review with your integrator. We also offer virtual, smart power demonstrations that clearly illustrate the many possibilities of Savant’s smart power solution. To help communities better understand smart power, drive demand Savant offers CEU accredited programs to architects and specifiers on the smart power category, including a fully accredited course called "Introduction to Microgrids." Savant’s commitment to education in this category leads to better products and services for all homeowners.

A Local Connection
Most integration firms partner locally with electricians and solar contractors that specialize in residential alternative energy projects. These critical relationships with service providers in your community ensure that an A-team of specialists are poised to provide the top-quality system design and installation quality you expect. Homeowners benefit in numerous ways from power monitoring and management on any scale—whether just for main-use circuits or for the entire home, delivering the functionality and value that is best for you and your family.
Perfect For the Way You Live
So many consumers have already begun learning about energy alternatives and have invested in solar panels and/or a backup generator to enhance power stability, while some are still considering these options and what is best for their home and lifestyle. Battery storage and smart software really tie alternative energy resources and the grid together in an intelligent way that is customized for each user. Savant Power Storage complements and helps maximize both solar and generator power, reducing dependency on the grid during peak energy cost periods and/or during outages. Data indicates that more than 25% of all smart home consumers are also interested in smart power but need to better understand the broader options available to them. Homeowners want to feel confident that they will get the perfect array of products and services to match how they live.

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The Savant Experience
Most critically, Savant controls both smart energy and smart home features all from a single highly intuitive app. The app experience includes an astonishing energy dashboard that empowers homeowners with a clear understanding of usage trends. A Savant smart power solution can integrate throughout the home and be inclusive across the environmental category – lighting control, smart fixtures, climate and motorized shading. Homeowners recognize the value in living more efficiently, reducing energy waste, and securing their home and their families against grid outages. 

Are you interested in taking your home’s power Learn more about Savant and its offerings