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Savant - Speakers - Soundbars & Free-Standing

Savant - Speakers - Soundbars & Free-Standing

Savant’s Artison speaker pedigree combines 50+ years of audio engineering leadership from legendary designer Cary Christie with Savant’s innovative eco-system - the results are astounding. Warm, articulate, & detailed imaging define their ability to recreate the most demanding soundtracks with ease.  

Designing a media room requires careful consideration of three factors: form, aesthetics & performance; The same is true when engineering a speaker. Since its founding, Artison has crafted speaker solutions for the modern media room that satisfy the audiophile and interior designer alike. Housed in aluminum cabinets, mated with custom grilles that match the height/width of the television and fitted with an array of long-throw carbon fiber woofers and VifaTM Super Tweeters, Artison answers the call when audio performance matters and space is at a premium.  


Smart Audio Soundbar
Savant’s revolutionary Smart Audio Soundbar and matching wireless speakers offer superb sound quality with Savant’s award-winning software built-in.
WiSA Wireless Speakers
Savant’s Smart Audio surround speakers allow for modular scaling to meet the sound system needs of even the most discerning audiophile.
Dual-Center LCR
The unique design delivers a center channel experience that appears to come from the middle of the screen, without creating any additional wall clutter.
Savant Smart Audio
Years in business: 19
Offers CEU Credits
Courses offered:
  • Introduction to Smart Home Control & Automation
  • Next Generation Residential Lighting & Controls
  • WELLv2 Automated Shading & Circadian Lighting
  • USAI Lighting & Wellness
  • Virtual Smart Home Experience & Demonstration
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